Origami Owl® Gift Certificates

Congratulations, You Got an Origami Owl Gift Certificate, Now What?

Here is a special post regarding your paper or digital Origami Owl Gift Certificate purchased with me, Marissa Carranza, Origami Owl Independent Designer #11102046:
Please have in hand your Gift Certificate (GC) before emailing or making a call.
Your Gift Certificate looks something like this:
GC_CMO2_for_blogpost copy
On one of the corners, you will see a Transaction ID or a Receipt #. Please have this info in addition to TO, FROM and amount purchased.  I will cross reference this with what I have on file.
Please let me know in email or when calling what items you would like redeemed.  You can see your choices at http://cactusmango.origamiowl.com
I will place an order for your items and it will be sent to your home.  There is a shipping and handling fee of $5.95 for orders under $100 and $7.95 for orders above $100.
If your order exceeds the gift certificate amount, I will send an invoice for payment on the remaining balance before the full order is turned in and processed by Origami Owl.
Please contact me to place your order.  Do not place and pay for an order online as I will not be able to reimburse or backtrack your order.  O2 Code box is not for these gift certificates.  As of right now, the only way to process the paper or digital Gift Certificate purchased from me  and redeem the free charm is  for me place the order for you.
If you have already gone to my website at http://cactusmango.origamiowl.com and created a customer profile, I can complete the rest of the process for you.
Please copy your shopping cart and paste your order screen to cactusmango@gmail.com, along with the email and password used to create your customer account.
Payment in the equal amount of the GC will be applied by me.
Again, if your order exceeds the amount of your GC,  an invoice will be sent to you prior to finalizing your order and will reflect a balance due. Once balance payment is received, the Origami Owl order will be completed and turned in for processing.
Please allow 5-7 business days to receive your Origami Owl Creation.
All this may sound a bit complicated but I assure you, all will go smoothly.
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Marissa Carranza, Origami Owl Independent Designer #11102046

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