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Origami Owl Summer Hostess Exclusive

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Advent Calendar 2012 – Day 1

advent_day1 by CACTUSmango
advent_day1, a photo by CACTUSmango on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Have been inspired by many DIY advent/service calendars on pinterest and am very pleased with the one my daughter & I were able to put together. Hope this becomes a wonderful learning tool and family bonding tradition.

Project Life | “Let’s go follow the sunset.”

Via Flickr:
snapped this photo on the way to trick or treat, because my daughter loved the pretty colors of the sunset.

BooBaby Pacifiers

We have been battling a mosquito invasion AND sick to the bones in our house sneezing and blowing our noses for the past several days.  Thanks to Zazzle’s easy to use system, I’ve been actually productive today.  I made these cute Halloween themed pacifiers with personality!

These BooBaby Pacifiers are the perfect accessory for your little trick~or~teether!  I wish these were around when my girl was an infant!

Now Available exclusively at Zazzle!
VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
BattyBinky BooBaby Pacifiers
EyePoppin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
SillySkull Paci BooBaby Pacifiers
AllStitchedUp Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Update:  3:18 pm 10/1/2012

Inspired by that catchy slogan I thought of I created one more binky to complete the BooBaby Pacifier collection

TrickOrTeethe VamPunkin Paci BooBaby Pacifiers

Plus you can use this code: 4TALITTLEONES to save 15% on your order!

Thanks for stopping by! Peace Out!

Testing out Totally Rad photo recipe

We recently gave Totally Rad a test run and ended up liking it so much, we bought it, using their 15% off coupon code found on their FB page http://www.gettotallyrad.com

Their Rad Lab product makes retouching photos super easy and down right addicting.   It’s so easy to use you can get carried away with all the tweeks you can play around with. If you find a set of tweeks and stylets that you like you can even save them as a “recipe”.  Saving it creates a special file, which makes it easy to share for those already using Rad Lab.  It also saves it within Rad Lab’s history, so you can easily click it again to apply to your next photo.

Here’s one I made this morning, that I’d like to call Yipppeeee!!!

about the picture:    my little almost 3 year old loves to come up with surprises for me.  sometimes she just pulls my hand and zips me away to her show and tell, I don’t have time to set up my digital camera.  so, these special moments sometimes don’t get the best photo memory.  this time she set up a pretend picnic for me. geez i just love her to pieces.  especially those toes of hers.  well, using Rad Lab’s awesome stylets and tweeking the intensity of each brought this special picture into the light.
Yipppeeee!!! recipe
1. Lights On :: 100% strength
2. Oh, Snap!  :: 112% strength | 48% snap | 84% saturation
3. Clare-ity :: 35%
4. P.O.S. Lens :: 115% strength | vignette size 44% | 78% blur | vignette 85%
5. Vanilla Kiss :: 52% strength
So, I submitted Yipppeee!! onto Rad Lab’s community tab in hopes that it’s picked up for their Recipes page.  😉   http://www.gettotallyrad.com/?id=1420